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"I came to work for AHS six years ago because I felt like this was an opportunity to make a difference in peoples' lives. To do a job that will count for something. To assist those who may need the help the most. With this country's trying economic situation, that sentiment has never rang truer."
Teresa Harkless
Helpline Information Specialist
West Virginia Health Benefits Manager Project

"AHS has given me the opportunity to apply my skills helping not only recipients of IHC but also helping providers. Indirect medical service is a great way to help AHS accomplish our goal. It is like helping win the Super Bowl from behind the lines. Provider Relations is the link to quality health care. Our talent, discipline, and integrity is our contribution to a better AHS. Helping people is not a job, it is a life style that I'm proud to live."
Julio Gonzalez
Provider Help Desk
Illinois Health Connect Project

Automated Health Systems is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Automated Health Systems' goal is the promotion of health and prevention for low-income families and their communities. AHS’ operations have been devoted solely to health programs for low-income groups and families in need. The diversity of this experience has given AHS a complete and overarching view of the health-related challenges faced by Medicaid consumers and allows us to bring a well-rounded attitude, comprehensive knowledge base, and successful record of partnership and accomplishment to the projects we administer.

This offers a unique employment opportunity with a sense of reward and accomplishment each day. We strive to create a knowledgeable and culturally sensitive staff with relevant experience in health and human services. Our success has enabled us to grow into a diverse staff of over 700 employees located in six states; each project’s (i.e., eight statewide contracts) staff is designed to fit their program’s specialty and meet the needs of our consumers.

The combined expertise of AHS’ professionals’ help meet the needs of all three interdependent components of our successful health program: (1) the families who utilize the service, (2) the health and human service professionals who deliver care, and (3) the funding source which underwrites the program’s costs.

The corporate office is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In addition, we administer additional projects located throughout the country.

These services include:

AHS’ workforce comprises a wide range of staff; strategic management, customer service/call center, field staff, administrative and technical support to maintain these efforts. Over the past 29 years, with such an extensive customer service emphasis, AHS has maintained a personalized approach to consumer and provider communities, combining culturally sensitive outreach and education advocacy for quality health care. As a company that manages health care programs in several states, at any given time we have openings in both our corporate headquarters and in our various state Project offices.

Intrigued? We invite you to view our summary of open positions, summary of benefits, and corporate wellness page. In addition, our internship program offers a variety of unique opportunities for students in health-related curriculum.

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