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Technology Solutions

Network Switches
Since 1979, AHS has been designing computer systems to help our employees work effectively in the health care industry.

AHS has a long history of meeting and exceeding technical requirements. Our combination of industry experience and leading edge technology allows us to exceed expectations when implementing new programs, modifying existing programs, or running our daily operations. Examples of our technology include:

Client Relations Management (CRM)

AHS’ proprietary and fully customizable CRM solution, HealthTrack, is designed to track all member and provider communication with AHS, perform all enrollment activities, and provide robust reports. Not only is our CRM easily customizable, enabling AHS to full and quickly respond to program requirements and changes, but it is also designed to be professional-looking, clean, highly intuitive, and efficient for our users. Inherent quality control is supported by integration of defined permissions and field parameters, complete action indexing and auditing, wizards, and workflow management.

Referral and Prior Authorization

AHS’ robust, full-featured referral and prior authorization system is a secure, web-based solution for providers. Users (including providers and their administrative) must be approved and authenticated in order to gain system access. Upon logging into the portal, users can create new referrals, check member eligibility, check on existing referrals, create and schedule appointments, request specialist/diagnostic services, and more – all in real-time.

Provider Network Verification

AHS offers a comprehensive provider verification system provides States and Health Plans with sophisticated, user-friendly tools that benefit:

  • Medicaid consumers by facilitating greater accuracy of available providers for choice,
  • Taxpayers by assisting the State with monitoring fraud related to network adequacy more efficiently, and
  • Health Plans by helping them target areas for provider recruitment and quicker compliance resolution.

Online Member Portal

AHS provides a secure platform for allowing consumers to manage their benefits online. Consumers can search for providers, select a Health Plan/PCP, view the status of their request, and download program materials. This empowers the user to take an active role in the health care that they receive.

Social Media

AHS is constantly exploring new ways to more effectively outreach and communicate with Medicaid consumers and providers. With strategies to engage all of our audiences via Facebook, QR codes embedded in program communication, blogs, YouTube videos, mobile applications, and other emerging technologies, AHS is well prepared to use all available avenues to fully engage project audiences.

Geo Mapping

AHS uses geo mapping capabilities throughout our various contracts. Examples include:

  • Using distance from the consumer as a variable in auto-assignment equations,
  • Displaying relevant search results to the consumer on our online provider search,
  • Enabling the user to map directions to a provider in their network, and
  • Showing participating provider density to determine which areas of the state are lacking coverage.

Document Imaging

Document processing and imaging is a standard practice in all AHS projects. We currently image and index several thousand documents each month, and all documents are appropriately stored in our systems for easy access. Such comprehensive practices allow us to be able to handle regular mailed documents, faxes, secure web uploads, and even mobile uploads.

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